Dancing Moon

Sunday June 18th from 1pm – 5pm: Dancing Moon providing energy work!

I’ll be at Dancing Moon providing energy work.

If you are felling that you are lost and not feeling connected to your true self . If you are surrounded by negativity, despair, despair, hopelessness and you don’t know who you are and have lost your way. If you are suffering. If you need support and healing from generational trauma, sexual violence, dysfunctional relationships, financial issues, chronic illness or patterns you’d like to break. Energy healing will help you get rid of these issues.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, I am trained in the Q’ero Shamanic tradition. I use the energy of the four directions while calling upon my spirit guides, guardian angels, and my shamanic ancestors to bring healing to those who have blocked energy, removing trauma from past lives, and attachments that are holding you back. 

By drawing in the energy from the earth and the sky a session will realign your energy (Chi) to clear and rebalance the energetic body to remove bad energies, unwanted entities and attachments that are keeping you from living your true life. Realigns your physical body, emotions and conscious and unconscious mind to reconnect to your inner wisdom and true self.

Session prices:

Energy Healing:    $140.00

Chakra Balancing: $ 80.00

Soul Retrieval:        $80.00

Call 919-833-8081 to make an appointment

1840 Wake Forest Rd
Raleigh, NC

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