Podcast with P.E.E.P (People Experiencing Everyday Paranormal)

Hello everyone. I was recently interviewed by Nicolle Morock for her podcast P.E.E.P (People Experiencing Everyday Paranormal) I talk about my NDEs and other paranormal events that happened to me. Please give it a listen and listen to her other interviews, they are very interesting.

Episode 12: Rick Noriega – Early Childhood NDEs and Other Paranormal Experiences P.E.E.P. Podcast

Rick Noriega is a professional psychic and shamanic healer who shares some of his paranormal experiences with us. From two NDEs in childhood to seeing the spirits of the recently deceased to realizing he was a natural healer, Rick has some very interesting stories.

Get in touch with Rick for a healing or a psychic reading: https://healingbyhawkeye.com.

Theme music provided by the talented Mr. Jeremy Moss http://jeremymosscomposer.com. (Listen through the end of the podcast to hear the whole theme song.)

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