Reading for the week of February 12, 2024

Be ready for some changes to come into your life. Someone or something will come into your life and will bring changes. It maybe subtle or all at once, but this change will put you into a new mind set. You will be full of the idea that what seemed impossible is now possible and the attitude of “why not me?“ Many possibilities will come to your mind and suddenly many roads will be open to you, but unfortunately you will have to choose one to start your new journey. Just because you choose one doesn’t mean that is the only path that you will have to stay on. You may be tempted to fall back into the old mind set of negative thoughts, and you may remember past attempts that have failed. Don’t give in to those thoughts; you are a different person now, with more tools to work with. Set your intentions on succeeding and having your dreams come true; you can make things happen. As you move forward, make sure to be kind with yourself and others. Your words and thoughts are very powerful and can set the tone for the future. Be gentle along the way and keep your goal in mind as you go. What a great week this will be for you, if you are ready to make it happen.

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