Reading for the week of February 5, 2024

Although it is still winter and the weather outdoors may not be the best to go out in, it’s time to start reconnecting with nature, what it has to offer, and what it will offer in the spring. Even just looking out the window and visualizing being in nature will help you get back in touch with mother earth.  Once that connection is reestablished, you will feel your energy starting to reactivate. You will have the energy to get more things done and your thoughts and insights will become more clear, but don’t let this energy just be thoughts and idle ideas. Put these ideas and thoughts into action and make them happen. Words and thoughts without action are useless and might as well have not have existed. It’s time to take that bold step and reconnect with others who share your same thoughts and values. When you reconnect with the energy of like minded people, you will start to see things fall into place, and sychroniztiies happening more often. Now is your time to start to grow, reconnect with the beauty of nature, and let Pachamama perform her magic for you.

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