Reading for the week of January 8, 2024

At the start of every year, we make a list of what we want to manifest. This year is no different for many of you, nor for me. I did receive somethings that I wanted to happen and others that I didn’t. Now, I have to figure out a new way to manifest what I desire, and the key is to not be so rigid in your plan that you won’t adjust as you need to. By being flexible and flowing like water, you will achieve your goal more quickly. Look at what it is that you are holding back on. Are you subconsciously sabotaging yourself or are those negative voices telling you that you are not talented enough? Do they say that you have failed before and you will again, or tell you that you are not worthy? Don’t listen to those voices, and tell them to SHUT UP. You deserve what you want just as much as anyone else. Lock those voices and attitudes out of your life, and find a playful, youthful way to achieve your goal. There is more than one path to reach what you want.

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