Reading for the week of July 31, 2023

With so many planets going retrograde in the next month, you will start to feel lost and not sure which way to go. This reading is a reminder that your guides are here to help you, if you ask them too. They will guide you and put the right people in your path to overcome what is holding you back in fear. Things may seem impossible right now, and your feet are stuck and don’t know which way to move, but help is there if you ask for it. As solutions become more clear to you and a plan is revealed, make sure your designs come from a place of loving kindness. If your path includes others, be sure to negotiate because everything can be worked out if you work together. As things change and new paths are taken, you will have to be sure to cleanse. Clean out the all the negative energy you stored and all of the self doubt. By washing away these negative thoughts, it will make it lighter and easier to move forward. Help is there if you ask for it, and they are eager to help you, but you also have to do the work as well.

This is a general reading for everyone. If you would like a personalized reading or healing session please visit my website to book an appointment. I provide readings in-person, on line or on the phone.

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