Reading for the week of November 27, 2023

It’s the time of the year were we are starting to think if we are truly on our right path or how to move forward on our path. It’s time to look deep inside of yourself and find what and who you truly are. As you look inside don’t analyze or pout a label on anything, just observe what you see and see what beauty it has to offer to you and your life. Seeing the beauty in everything may not make sense and you may not thing or feel that there is no beauty here but know that you are not suppose to understand everything right now. When it’s time everything will make sense and the connections will be made. There is a fire inside of all of us and fire can create and destroy, depending on what you use it for. Deep inside of you is a passion that needs to be addressed. It’s time now to tend to that passion but don’t let that passion consume you, like an addiction. Take your life and your new insight and make it as beautiful as you can. Don’t live your life as a burden but as an adventure to be enjoyed everyday.

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