“When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk” ~ Tuco Ramirez

The above quote is taken from the classic western “The Good, The Bad and There Ugly” , from the scene where Tuco is taking aa bath when a man bursts through the swing doors and gives a speech about how he’s waited 8 months to finally catch up with Tuco and kill him.The man goes on a little more and then out of no where Tuco shoots and kills him, then gives the quote above.

What this saying means to me is when it’s time to take action, then do it. Don’t wait and bask in what it’s going to be like when you take action and how great it’s going to be. The time for planning and dreaming and waiting for all the planets to align has passed. Be bold and take that shot, because, if you wait to long the opportunity will pass you by and then all you have left is a what if and if only.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with dreaming and planning. Without a dream and a plan there will be no action and with no action there is no outcome. Think of the farmer who gets the field ready for planting, plants the seeds, waters the ground and makes sure his plants have all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow big and strong. Next, the farmer must tend to the earth and discard any unwanted weeds and rocks that may inhibit his crops from growing. Yes it’s a lot of hard work and patience but in the end all his hard work will pay off and the farmer would feel fulfilled and happy with his life. 

How sad would that be if we did nothing but dream and plan. Look at our big plot of land and imagine what it’s going to look like come harvest season. How much time and energy would have been wasted doing nothing but dreaming, wish, thinking and hoping and not putting any of that energy into action.

I have met many of people who live bitter, angry and sad because they aren’t living the life they’ve always dreamed of. I’ll ask them “What have you done to have the life you want?’ and they will responded “I told the universe what I wanted. Doesn’t the bible say ask and you shall receive.? So I’m waiting for what I want” UGGGG… that is not how it works. Yes, the universe will give you what you want, if it’s for your greater good, but, you have to put in the work. When the universe sees that you are committed to making this dream come true, then it will do its part. 

So my friends, when it’s time to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk about how great it’s going to be when this all happens. Don’t agonize over the details so much that you miss your chance for greatness. The time will never be perfect, just pull the trigger and go.

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